Monday, January 5, 2009


ok so lets look at the year as it happened. i was a senior in high school and my last semester had started in january. i had many important people come into my life. i already had met danni in 2007 when we did the fall play. this whole past year she has helped me out more that anyone ever has in my entire life combined. shes such an amazing person and knows how to be a friend. but when you talk smack about her, prepare because there will be a war, and im taking her side and going to lose friends that talk bad about her. i really hate writing so im just going to write a little bit about each person. like a sentence or two. and im not doing paragraphs because they are stupid. so the first major influence i met in 2008 was my ex alli. although shes done a lot of terrible things to me and have done behind my back, shes taught me a whole lot about relationships. i cant just let someone take control of me the way i let her, and then let her do things that not getting into it. so im trying to remember back hmmmm, i didnt really meet anyone important until like julyish. but i played volleyball in the spring. i did really well. the day i skipped school and came back because allis dad called and asked where she was, was the worst game ive ever played. ummmm so i guess i better mention i lost my virginity this year. that was the worst mistake of my life. i let my emotions take control of me and i couldnt stop it.yeah but volleyball was really good for me this year. i was the libero. so speaking of volleyball, i tried out for the volleyball team in college and 20 people got cut. i made the team. i was really excited about the whole thing. i had my number picked out id helped at all the girls tournaments and games. i went to every practice and all the try outs. but then one practice, there were some people that showed up for the first time and i guess they were on the team last year. so me and 2 people got the boot. only because its a club sport. they didnt have enough money, well anyway, i met kalyn in july. danni was a part of music theatre workshop and she met kalyn who was also doing it. she was fun and everything. playing disney monopoly with her, danni, robby, and my friend mike. and i got her phone number and then got her aim address. heres another person thats been there for me a lot and just fills my spirit to talk to. well i met a lot of people in college. i dont know if i can name everyone. but the people on my floor are joe, marquis, dave, jim, tony, poorman was there but he left, smitty, curtis, garrett, jordan (victor), telly, duck, some other guy sorry i forget his name, john gerber, john graziani, nick, art, and theres the whole other side of the floor which had gotti, jay, lamont, rado, stultz, new york, darn im forgetting now, but i mean all these people are really cool to me. then weve got all my pledge brothers and sisters which included haake, spalding, jeana, shawney, elkins, dorazio, hart-smith, and luther. and of course everyone in rotc especially alpha company. all the christian clubs im a part of, and then well, basically screw the whole volleyball team, but the flag football team im on. we are seriously the best. we got 2nd in the first tournament and then 1st in the second. i cant wait until the season starts up this spring. we will be the best. i also was introduced to someone on u4prez named danny. hes been inspirational to me, and ive done the same for him. apparently people have been trying to get him to christ for a long time now, and i was able to do it with in a couple months. hes been there for me for a lot and ive done the same in return. umm so theres more that happened this ear, but i really dont like writing so this is what you get.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

dedication to my 4 favorite people in mechanicsburg

this is to recognize the 4 people i love the most in mechanicsburg. i have a lot to thank them for, and this is one of the best ways i could do it

me doing apologize

btw i can play this on the piano quite well. this is where i will mention that i love playing the piano and guitar. i love music, i feel like it gives me something to do, and as you can see ive go a great passion for it.

nick saying good bye to me - but in imovie

i just found this and its coming on 4 months since hes filmed it. haha but this is his goodbye to me


i can not believe this video was done back in june and now i know how to upload from imovie. which means no more photo booth to make videos anymore

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

bored: my life

i was bored today and i decided to do this. its amazing what sorts of things you can come up with when you are bored

comedy routine 1

i tried to make up a comedy routine, but i never finished it